Whether through documentary or comedy,

I will explore the human soul; and through film , I will capture it's essence. 

- Tinisha D. Brugnone -

Filmmaker | Curator Idlewild International Film Festival 

The Cinematic Griot Collective is a network of filmmakers, artists, and creatives who create inspiring and unique culturally relevant works. We aim to reach beyond the surface with non-linear perspectives and creations. Traveling throughout forgotten communities, we bring to the forefront people and places that are often ignored.

Artist Statement

Inspired by daily events in my own life and culture, I often feel that as a woman who grew up in the inner city, it is rare that I find content that I can truly relate to. I think that it's not that the experiences are uncommon but more that our stories are untold.


Emerging from a city with an incomparable level of diversity, history, and plight. My stories capture the very essence of what it means to exist in a place of discord and proliferation. Whether documentary or comedy, I will explore the human soul; and through film, I will capture its essence.


The beauty of my writing is that it is pure and quite unadulterated and set to not only entertain, but also inform. I believe that film will be the future's most important journal of our past. I greatly feel that storytelling is in my DNA, and that filmmaking has become my preferred method of transmittal.


Previous Work Experience


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