II Film Festival

Will return 08/21/2020!

Stay tuned for more information! 

The Idlewild International Film Fest is a Women's film festival, comprised of; film, art, media education, music, and culture. The films screened will include independent international short films in the form of; narratives, documentaries, music videos, and web series. The short film blocks will each have a theme that is designed to educate, entertain and enlighten the audience. During our full-day (Saturday 08/24/2019), film-related workshops and panel discussions will take place in addition to the Black History 101 Museum by Khalid El-Hakim.


To organize this event, we have been working closely with Idlewild’s residents, organizers, artists, historians, and businesses. They have been an integral part of securing sites, informing us of the community’s rich history and, connecting us to locals interested in attending our workshops, screenings, and volunteering.  Visitors will learn about the rich history of Idlewild while watching movies, camping, listening to live entertainment and more! 

Please remember that this is a rain or shine event! If we get rain Friday afternoon the event will be moved indoors to the township building located at:

Yates Township County Building

6437 S. Nelson Rd

Idlewild MI, 49642


If rain occurs Saturday, we will have an all-day event that will run from our indoor venue into the evening. The indoor venue is the Riffe Youth Center or sometimes called the Lot Owners Association. Located at:11330 Lake Drive, Idlewild MI 49642

Also, our emergency preparedness address is 6437 S. Nelson Rd, Idlewild MI. This is where you go to seek shelter.



2018 Brugnone Films -The Cinematic Griot Collective

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