Pimpette Chronicles

A Black Woman's Guide to Dating &
Navigating These Mean Streets
By Tinisha D. Brugnone



What makes one an authority on dating? Nowadays, we are bombarded by podcasts, self-help books, self-proclaimed social media experts, memes and other attention seeking sources. Many are not designed or interested in addressing the challenges of everyday Black women living in the average Black or if you prefer, African American community. These influencers rarely acknowledge how diverse many of our social/economic and cultural differences are. 

Modern media often present unrealistic expectations of what a compatible partner may look like in your own community. Since there are severe shortages of “eligible” Black men, for reasons which include; mass incarceration, homosexuality, unemployment or under employment. Black women (no matter what their social economic status) are all chasing behind the same handful of what our communities may consider a “catch”. 

First let’s acknowledge communities are as unique as every one of us. Some of us may come from a southern rooted background, while others may have more northern influences. With these facts and others, this book is most suitable for women living in the Midwest area, or any other major predominantly Black neighborhood or big city across the US. It is also the authors belief that this book could be of use anywhere there is a higher woman to man ratio in the United States. Although this book is written from the perspective and views of a Black Woman, it can be useful to any woman who has found herself stumbling while dating during the Covid - 19 pandemic and its aftermath. 

The purpose of this book is to provide the average hetero or bisexual woman a basic guide to help ensure that she can navigate through the dating world, with clarity, knowledge, safety, confidence and most importantly, POWER. This book flows from the experiences and beliefs of the author, juxtaposed with the beliefs of her peers, community, matriarchs, grandparents, aunt’s uncles and supported by research and development done by scholarly sources et al. As these groups and elders have professed “the players change, but the game stays the same”. 

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About the author


Tinisha Brugnone is an African American woman who was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. She has a bachelor’s degree in Media Arts and Studies, with a concentration in production, from Wayne State University. She has also graduated with honors from the School of Hard Knocks. 

 Ms. Brugnone, a storyteller and award-winning Director/Producer/Screenwriter is the curator of the Idlewild international Film Festival, a woman centered festival that highlights filmmakers internationally. She has been featured in many news outlets including NPR’s Michigan Public Radio, The Detroit Free Press and Metro Times. Tinisha currently works as a freelance filmmaker having landed positions and gigs with media sources such as “Now This”, “ABC Foreign News Correspondent”, PBS and many more. She has raised two adult daughters who are both out of the home and living healthy, successful lives. 

Tinisha has over 30 years of dating experience which includes several long-term committed relationships. Most recently venturing back into the dating scene, she has emerged from those past experiences with a greater understanding of love, respect for herself and her mate and ultimately, POWER. After years of inner-work and healing, she has gained the insight, clarity, and confidence that are required to curate the type of life that she wants. She believes this book will help her readers do the same.  

Respectfully, Tinisha’s advice does not come from a foundation of Christianity, although she grew up attending church and adds that if any belief system would be the foundation, it would be that of a spiritual one. She further has stated that she doesn't believe in one soul mate, staying in unfruitful or abusive relationships, living for others, or denying oneself the most basic and innate right as a woman, which include; the right to be loved, protected, adored, and respected.  

This book is written from a seasoned mature Black Woman’s perspective who’s intent is to share her wisdom, knowledge and experience. This is not a “how to get a man”, but a reference guide on how to date & reduce the possibility of harm to yourself and others. Lastly, Tinisha writes this book with the hopes that other women can benefit from her blunt honesty, humor, and insight. P.S, this is not your mommas dating guide.